black walnut dining table

Starting around $2700-

  • Black walnut solid top

  • Steel trapezoid legs

  • Matte Lacquer Finish

  • 38" wide and 83" long

Custom solid wood dining tables available in most any size or timber. Standard woods are black walnut, cherry or white oak. Please contact regarding other domestic or exotic timbers. 

Every effort is made to source the highest quality boards to create the most beautiful piece possible. Black walnut is graded differently than other species and often includes cream colored sapwood and/or knots. Boards that are completely clear (no knots) and all heartwood (dark wood) is generally about 30% more expensive, but is usually possible if desired.

The metal legs have slotted holes which allow the wood top to expand/contract throughout the seasons. Less expensive tops are generally not made with this attention to detail which would likely lead to cracking.

Unless otherwise requested, tabletop surfaces are finished with a hardwax oil that it supple to the touch, food safe, durable and easy to repair. Another good option for a finish is lacquer, though the price is a bit higher because of the application process.