Here’s another large walnut log - approx. 30" in diameter and 8’ long. This time cutting it up in Beverly Hills, MI…about 3 miles from home. The homeowners were very nice and also have an affinity for mid century furniture. They were happy to know that these slabs will eventually become something beautiful rather than rotting in a dump somewhere…

I cut this wood at 2-5/8" thick, so it will need to dry for at least 2 years prior to using. Working on logs this large with my small sawmill requires some tricks like cutting it into an octagon as opposed to a square to start off. I only have about 15" of capacity when cutting at 2-½" thick. I wish I had something more along the lines of 20", but a 15" wide board is still fantastic. 

I probably had 14 hours of pretty hard labor into this log, but it will all be worth it in the end.