When I tried taking the handle off my Wadkin RS outboard turning stand, the threaded bolt snapped. Not cool.

I was finally able to extract it by drilling and tapping a hole into the rod and forcing it out with another bolt. I started with a small 1/4” bolt and that was a mistake. It snapped in short order. I moved up to a 1/2” bolt and that did the trick.

The OEM threaded rod had a flat center with LH threaded ends. I wasn’t able to find an exact replacement from McMaster Carr because of the LH threads. I replaced it with a 4” length of standard LH threaded rod and put some Loctite on the end so it would remain captive. There is a small allen bolt that locks the rod in place, but I’d prefer to not use it as it would flatten an area on the threads and make removal of this rod more difficult should it ever need replacing…

The final picture shows the system I will likely use to remove a center from the MT2 spindle. Unfortunately the Wadkin RS spindle DOES NOT have a through hole. I purchased a 1-3/8" nut and washer along with a large 2-3/16" wrench. The nut and slotted washer are used to extract the center. Another option is to use a wedge driven against the nose of the spindle and the back of the center but I dislike the idea of wedging and striking on the spindle. It’s really too bad that the spindle isn’t through bored. I consider it a major design flaw…